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Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro 4G 8GB RAM 256GB – Black


2 Years Warranty Parts & Labour

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Flagship-level 200MP
OIS anti-shake main camera
The flagship-level 200MP main camera coupled with OIS and EIS delivers dual anti-shake features for more stable imaging, and Super QPD enables fast and accurate focusing. Several smart algorithms help you produce professional-grade photos.
Professional quality
Flagship-level lens
The professional optical 7P lens and ultra-low-reflective optical coating can increase the amount of light and reduce ghosting, providing a better imaging experience in any environment. Up to 16-in-1 pixel binning allows for a maximum pixel size of 2.24μm so you can capture more dynamic night scenes.
200MP ultra-clear picture quality with perfect details even when zoomed in
With a resolution of up to 16,320 x 12,240, the stunning details in each photo will take your breath away.
4X lossless zoom
Optical-grade lossless zoom
Redmi Note 13 Pro allows you to easily switch between three different focal lengths without experiencing loss in image quality. Frame your shot how you want, and capture iconic scenery, portraits, and close ups, all using the powerful 200MP OIS main camera.
Xiaomi Imaging Engine
With Xiaomi Imaging Engine, Redmi Note 13 Pro's impressive photo capture speed and imaging performance will blow you away and give you more confidence with every shot.
HD engine
Chip-level imaging subsystem scheduling, full module computing power integration.
Ecosphere engine
Supported across a wide range of 3rd party apps for even more creativity.
Bionic sensing
Allocate system resources to prioritize what you want to capture.
Optic fusion
Integrated optical information, space fusion, and lighting fusion further improve the efficiency of light use.
Colour engine
Computational photography leads to a higher image quality.
Accelerating engine
Integrate CPU, GUP, ISP and more to maximize imaging speed.
6.67" AMOLED
Flagship-level display
With a 120Hz high refresh rate, 100% DCI-P3 wide color gamut, and ultra-slim bezel, the screen delivers delicate, silky-smooth and eye-catching pictures full of brilliant colors.
120Hz adaptive high refresh rate display
Working in harmony with you
Multiple refresh rate options intelligently adapt to different scenarios to reduce power consumption and ensure a more stable display, giving you a smoother viewing experience.
Stay comfortable and protect your eyes
The brightness adjustment is smoother and softer, so it's kinder on your eyes even when used for extended periods.
Triple TÜV Rheinland certifications
New Cycle mode
The display color temperature intelligently adapts to the time of day and different applications, making it more circadian-friendly, soothing and gentler on your eyes.
IP54 splash-proof design
With an IP54 rating, Redmi Note 13 Pro is well-equipped with protection against splashes and dust.
Wet touch technology
Morever, Redmi Note 13 Pro‘s display has been optimized for improved touch recognition and control, preventing accidental triggers from water.
Reach extraordinary flagship-quality standards
Each Redmi Note 13 Pro undergoes extremely demanding tests before shipping to guarantee an extraordinary experience.
48-month fluid experience
With MIUI exclusive optimization, Redmi Note 13 Pro has also passed extensive testing to ensure minimal software aging and slowdowns, even after 48 months of use.
Up to 12GB + 512GB, faster and larger
Expandable with additional 1TB
Boasting up to 12GB of RAM and 512GB of storage, Redmi Note 13 Pro runs apps faster and can store as many photos and videos as you want. The combination of extra-large RAM and storage allows you to enjoy what you love without worrying about space. You can also expand the storage by another 1TB via a microSD card to store even more memorable moments.
67W turbo charging
5000mAh ultra-large capacity battery
5000mAh large-capacity battery for long-lasting fun. With 67W turbo charging and hardware and software optimizations to reduce power consumption, Redmi Note 13 Pro gives you longer battery life, so you can say goodbye to power anxiety.
Smart Charging Engine
Different charging strategies are adopted according to the situation. The battery can be quickly charged when empty, and temperature and voltage are reduced in heavy load scenarios, ensuring efficient charging and battery health.
Boost charging
Remove current limitations to increase charging speed at low battery levels.
Heavy load smart charging
Maintain an even charging rate and lower the temperature during gaming, video recording, and other heavy load scenarios.
Battery Health 3.0
Dynamically adjust battery charging logic. Delay battery aging.
In-screen fingerprint unlock for instant unlocking
Faster unlocking in low light while remaining easy on the eyes.

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