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Xiaomi Mi Smart Plug 2


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Xiaomi Smart Plug 2 (Wi-Fi)

Do you like to control all your devices "smartly" remotely, but don't feel like spending a lot of money on it? With the Xiaomi Smart Plug 2 Wi-Fi, you solve that in one fell swoop. With this smart plug, you transform all your electrical 'old-fashioned' appliances into smart devices, such as your fan, coffee maker or lamp. You do this using the Xiaomi Mi Home app or the Google Home that even works with voice commands (Google Assistant). For example, you no longer have to go home or out of bed to turn off the lights.

The shell of the Xiaomi Smart Plug 2 Wi-Fi is made of flame retardant material, which has passed the filament test of 750 °. This makes the plug flame retardant and resistant to high temperatures. This Smart Plug 2 is a lot more compact than its predecessor and at 74 x 52 x 76.6mm does not take up unnecessary space!

Consider your power consumption

Xiaomi's Smart Plug 2 works even easier than the old-fashioned timer. Take a lamp in your living room, for example. Unplug it from the wall outlet, plug the Xiaomi Smart Plug into the wall outlet and then plug the lamp in here.

With the Xiaomi Smart Plug 2 Wi-Fi, you always keep an eye on your power consumption. Think, for example, of those times when you are traveling or away from home until late. You can then remotely turn off or on all your devices.

Smart timer

Worried that you might forget to turn off the air conditioner or humidifier? With the smart timer on the Xiaomi Smart Plug 2 Wi-Fi, you prevent yourself from not turning off all your devices. In addition, this smart plug has a switching status memory, which automatically returns it to the on/off status before the power outage after a power outage.

The Xiaomi smart plugs are also really ideal for the kitchen. For example, use them to turn your kettle or coffee maker on or off automatically and from a distance. From now on, you'll never have to worry about whether you've left everything on the right way.

View energy consumption in the app

Through the very comprehensive statistics in the Xiaomi Mi Home app, you will discover an effective analysis of your power consumption. Here you can see exactly how much power all your connected devices consume and then remotely respond to that.

    • Make all your devices smart with the Xiaomi Smart Plug 2 Wi-Fi
    • With smart timer
    • Operate remotely and with voice control
    • Works via Mi Home app
    • Simple and compact

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