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Oppo Reno 11 F 5G 8GB RAM 256GB – Ocean Blue


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Product Description:

Dive into soft, elegant lilac tones, like purple corals. Shifting smoke-like effects create mystery, whilst shattered diamond and coral textures create a gorgeous visual effect.Enjoy the tranquillity of shimmering, rippling azure waves, like taking a breath of fresh coastal air. Lighting changes reveal textures of shining whitecaps on the sea.

Explore the rich, deep greens of a lush forest on an idyllic island. Vibrant and filled with life, it’s as if the flourishing canopy filters the sunlight into green shadows.

Magnetic Particle Design

Dynamic Natural Textures

Magnetic ink is employed to create natural 3D flowing textures that shift harmoniously across the cover

Borderless 120Hz AMOLED Screen

Vision Without Limits

Get next-gen visuals with a narrow bezel borderless screen drenched in over 1 billion rich colours and packed with silky smooth transitions. Automatic brightness adjustment makes your eyes more comfortable in the dark and keeps things clear in bright sunlight.

64MP Ultra-Clear
Main Camera

Spot On in Every Detail

Achieve an ultra-clear image where light and colour are perfectly balanced, and every detail is accurately restored.

Ultra-Wide-Angle Camera

Tell a Bigger Story

Capture more stunning scenery and tell a more compelling story as you amp up the visual tension between your subject and their surroundings.

Macro Camera

Reveal Unseen Wonders

Take a deeper look at the world around you with amazing macro shots that reveal incredible fine detail and miniature marvels often lost to the naked eye.

Flash Snapshot

Make Time Stand Still

Capture fast-moving action shots with the clarity and precision of a posed photograph. Create images filled with drama and motion, with every detail kept crystal clear.

Portrait Expert Engine

Portrait Professionals in Your Pocket

AI trained by pro portrait artists from around the world delivers authentic pictures that really reflect all the natural skin tones in group shots with automatic controls on exposure and white balance.

AI Portrait Retouching

Let Natural Beauty Shine

Our latest AI Portrait Retouching Algorithm applies the deftest touch to your images, gently enhancing natural beauty and dialling down imperfections, leaving your authentic self as the star.

Trinity Engine

Fresh and Fast for Longer

System level smarts keep your phone feeling “like new” for four years, whilst intelligent memory tech compresses data and sends resources where they’re needed most, keeping more apps alive.

Clear Voice

Background Noise Begone!

Clear Voice dials out the sounds of your environment, using advanced noise cancelling technology so your voice is heard clearly at the other end.

Up to 40dB

Noise Cancellation

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