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Oppo A98 5G 8GB RAM 256GB – Black


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Supercharge Your Day
A charging speed that will make your head spin. Fast charge your phone to 50% in 18 minutes, the time it takes to have a coffee break. And 44 minutes is all you’ll need to power up to a full charge and be out the door, your phone ready for hours of calling, work and play.

5000mAh Large Battery

The Battery That Keeps on Giving
This big, robust battery will power you through your day, however that might look. Text, talk, stream and game – the 5000mAh capacity means your phone will be there for you, from its morning charge long into the night, and then some.

Battery Health Engine

In It for The Long Run
It's like there's a battery expert living in your phone. The patented OPPO Battery Health Engine, doubles the battery's life span to four years or more by carefully monitoring your phone’s charging cycle to keep the battery in top shape.

RAM Expansion

Look at All That ROom!
8GB of RAM and the Smart RAM Expansion software instantly free up extra computing power to deliver a super smooth experience as you multitask across your phone's apps and games.
  • 256GB Big ROM
  • 8GB + Up to 8GB Extended RAM
  • Up to 1TB Extra Storage (microSD Card sold separately)

Snapdragon™ 5G SoC by Qualcomm®

The Dragon That Slays
Rev up your apps in a blink but without guzzling power. Advanced 6nm process low-power technology ensures lower power consumption however you use your phone.

48-Month Fluency Protection

Like Four Ever!
Four years of fluency – that’s epic! Four long, lovely years during which you can breezily swipe back and forth between your apps, music and games, enjoying an ultra-smooth experience, as if your phone was right out of the box.

120Hz Ultra High Refresh Rate

Such a Smoothie!
The 120Hz ultra-high refresh rate means your screen is doing some lightning-fast moves so that what you see looks simply smooth and amazing. But it keeps its cool with a 6-level adaptive frame rate for low power consumption and maximum visual effect.

Hitting All The High Notes

OPPO A98 5G is a virtuoso, boasting high screen resolution, high pixel density, and high colour saturation for a clear, accurate display. In direct sunlight, screen brightness reaches as high as 680 nits outdoors, so you can even surf and stream in very bright light.

Dual Stereo Speakers

Surround Yourself with Sound
Your ears will love life in stereo and a sound that’s louder, clearer and totally immersive. Gaming feels more real while videos and music sound bigger and better.

Ultra Volume Mode 2.0

Pump up The Volume

At the press of the volume key, increase the sounds on your phone by up to 200%. Ringtones, notifications and media playbacks broadcast loud and clear on the phone speaker, with customization settings to keep the treble rich and round.

Ultra-Clear Imaging System

One phone with four cameras equals fabulous photos with a guaranteed wow factor. Get your visual creativity on, deep dive into the micro world or zoom out for the big picture.

64MP AI Camera

Dazzling Details
64MP of AI-powered photography produces photos with the richest detail, the most vibrant colours and perfectly balanced lighting.

Ultra-Clear 108MP Image

Jaw-Dropping Clear
Your stunning photos will be the talk of your social feed. Super-resolution algorithms do some heavy lifting, crunching image data at the sub-pixel level and stitching together ultra-high-definition images of up to an astounding 108MP.

Ultra Night Mode

Bring The Night to Life
Composite multi-frame noise reduction and HDR technology reduce noise and increase image clarity to create nightscapes that dazzle.

AI Portrait Retouching

Authentically Natural
Our Portrait Retouching AI algorithm just got smarter. Remove blemishes and imperfections in your selfies and portraits, but keep it all beautifully natural.

Portrait Mode

Stand-Out Personality
Portrait Mode analyses the depth of field in an image, blurs the background and renders the figure in stunning clarity. The result is a vivid cinematic portrait shot that stands out from the crowd.

AI Colour Portrait

Show off Your True Colours
Cast your gorgeous self front and centre when you create a masterpiece with AI Colour Portrait. Backgrounds are simplified to artful black and white while the portrait figure shines forth in brilliant full colour.

40× Microlens

Closer Than Ever
Go places you've yet to see with OPPO's unparalleled Microlens. The invisible microscopic world is yours for the image taking. Things you might miss with your eye become the subject of detailed, awe-inspiring photos.

Flash Snapshot

In The Blink of An Eye
Walk, run, ride, dance and still get that pic. Flash Snapshot steadies the image to capture motion at speeds even as fast as one-hundredth of a second, but with all the clarity and sharpness of a posed scene.

Dual-View Video

Two Is Better Than One
Dual-View Video doubles your filming fun, simultaneously recording the moment with the front and back cameras. Watch the likes and shares pile up for the video of your camping trip, you and your bestie having fun, playing catch on split screen – Sweeeeet!

ColorOS 13

  • Screen Translate: Enable you to screenshot text in over 100 languages and get an instant translation.
  • Auto Pixelate: Quickly and safely pixelates profile photos and names with one tap to protect privacy and share safely on IM apps.
  • 5-Grade Access Controls: Put you in charge of how your apps access your data, with hands-on settings to protect your privacy or even block apps when they overreach.

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