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Gigaset AS405 Cordless Phone White


Model: AS-405D

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Technical Features
Connection: Analog
Number of telephone numbers (analogue): 1
Calls in parallel (analogue): 1
DECT Standards: DECT, GAP
ECO DECT: Automatic reduction of transmission power, Radiation-free in standby mode, Low energy consumption
Additional Features
Standby period up to (h): 200
Talk time up to (h): 18
Number of entries registered in the telephone directory (surname / number): 100
Optical call signaling (illuminated display): Optical call signaling (illuminated display), Flashing call button
Number of additional handsets: 4
Association of telephone numbers for incoming / outgoing external calls: Yes
Association of telephone numbers for incoming / outgoing internal calls: Yes
Free internal calls: Yes
Internal transfer of phonebook / address list entries via DECT (from handset to handset): Yes
Internal forwarding of external calls, conference calls, callbacks: Yes
Display Type: Black and white illuminated alphanumeric
Dimensions (H x W mm): 33 x 32
Diagonal (inch): 1.8
Resolution (px): 96 x 64
Jumbo characters: No
Caller display: Display of the caller's telephone number (CLIP)
List of last (number) missed calls with time and date: 25
List of last (number) calls made with time and date: 0
List of last (number) calls received with time and date: 25
List of (number) calls of all types with time and date: 0
Multilingual menu (multiple languages ​​displayed): Yes
Date / time on the display: Yes
Number of languages: 24
Audio Features
Speakerphone: Yes
Hands-free on the handset / base: On the laptop
Number of ringtones: 20
Keypad features
Illuminated Keypad: Yes
Easy handling with navigation key: Yes
Message indicator key: Yes
Dimensions / Specs
Mobile component, H x W x D in mm: 155 x 49 x 34
Mobile component, weight including batt. in g: 110
Base, H x W x D in mm: 44 x 88 x 103
Base, weight in g: 71
Charging base, H x W x D in mm: 39 x 72 x 76
Charging base, weight in g: 35
Batteries: 2 x NiMH AAA

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