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Apple Watch Series 9 GPS 41mm Pink Aluminium with Pink Sport Band


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Our most powerful chip in Apple Watch ever. A magical new way to use your Apple Watch without touching the screen. A display that’s twice as bright. And now you can choose a watch case and strap combination that’s carbon neutral.

The all-new S9 SiP

A powerful move forward.
Custom Apple silicon makes Apple Watch Series 9 more capable, intuitive and faster. The new dual-core CPU has 5.6 billion transistors — 60 per cent more than the S8 chip. A new four-core Neural Engine processes machine learning tasks up to two times faster. It enables a number of innovations, including a new gesture — double tap.

Magic. At your fingertips.

Double Tap
Gestures make Apple Watch even easier to use anytime, especially when your hands are full. Just double tap your index finger and thumb together to answer a call, open a notification, play and pause music, and more.

2x brighter display

A brilliant breakthrough.
The advanced display system in Series 9 boosts the maximum brightness up to 2,000 nits — double Series 8 — so it’s easier to read in full sun. It’s also better in low‑light situations, like a cinema, because it dims to just 1 nit.

Siri-ously capable.

With Series 9, Siri requests processed on your device are faster and more secure. Plus Siri dictation is up to 25 per cent more accurate.

HomePod control. Watch takes the stage.

A second-generation Ultra Wideband chip enables new integration with HomePod.1 When music is playing, Apple Watch Series 9 opens the Now Playing screen to let you control it. If nothing is playing, the Smart Stack will offer media suggestions to play on HomePod.

Your iPhone. Lost and precisely found.

Also enabled by the second-generation Ultra Wideband chip, Precision Finding can now direct you to your iPhone by showing you its approximate distance and direction. And when you get close, haptic feedback, an audible chirp and a visual indicator help you zero in on it.

watchOS 10

Reimagined. Remarkable.
The watchOS 10 update brings more to your screen than ever before. Virtually every app has been totally redesigned to give you more information at a glance. From any watch face, simply turn the Digital Crown to reveal the Smart Stack with widgets for relevant and timely information. And now with insights for mental and vision health, you can keep track of your body and mind — right from your wrist.

Apple’s first carbon-neutral product is here.

Through ongoing innovations in materials, clean energy and low‑carbon shipping, Apple Watch is now available in case and strap combinations that are carbon neutral.


Powerful insights at a glance.
Apple Watch helps you better understand your mental and physical health. Health data is kept private and secure. And when you’re ready to share with a healthcare provider, friends or family members, you’re in control.

Watches out for your heart.

With the ECG app, Apple Watch Series 9 is capable of generating an ECG similar to a single‑lead electrocardiogram. And with the Heart Rate app, you can get notifications for high and low heart rate as well as an irregular rhythm.

Measure your blood oxygen.

It’s a breathtaking innovation. The remarkable sensor and app in Apple Watch Series 9 allow you to take on‑demand readings of your blood oxygen as well as background readings, day and night.8

Dream machine.

The Sleep app doesn’t just keep track of your time asleep. It shows you how much time you spent in REM, Core or Deep sleep, as well as when you might have woken up.

Understand your cycle like never before.

Apple Watch Series 9 has an innovative sensor that tracks your temperature while you sleep, so you can see changes over time. Cycle Tracking uses this data to provide a retrospective estimate of when you likely ovulated.

Log your state of mind.

In the Mindfulness app on Apple Watch, scroll through engaging visuals to help you select how you’re feeling to log your momentary emotions and daily moods. Stay consistent with notifications and complications on your watch face.


Everything at the speed of life.
Apple Watch keeps you connected to the people and things that you care about, right from your wrist. And with a mobile plan, you can do it all without your iPhone nearby.

Easy money.

Leave your wallet in your pocket. Pay instantly from your wrist with Apple Pay.


Simply motivating.
Whatever workout you have in mind, it’s sure to be on your wrist and ready with just a tap. See all the metrics you need to keep motivated in customisable views. And durability that makes it easy to give it all you’ve got, without sweating how your Apple Watch will hold up.

Squat. Spin. Stride.

From strength training and HIIT to Pilates and meditation, Apple Watch delivers a healthy number of ways to work out— with the metrics you most want to see.

Tougher than tough.

The front crystal, robust geometry and flat base make Apple Watch resistant to cracking. And it’s water resistant 50 metres.

Workout views. Take it all in. Go all out.

The display lets you see all the metrics you need, including Heart Rate Zones and customised intervals in a single view while you’re working out. Just turn the Digital Crown for metrics like Segments and Splits, Elevation and Activity rings.

Live Activity.

Start a cycling workout from your watch and it will automatically show up as a Live Activity on your iPhone. Tap it, and it will take over the entire display, making it easier to see your metrics while on a ride.
A front view of an Apple Watch and an iPhone. Someone started a workout on their watch and it appeared on their iPhone.

Crash Detection.

Apple Watch Series 9 is able to detect if you’re in a serious car crash. When a serious crash is detected, it can automatically connect you with emergency services, provide call handlers with your location and notify your emergency contacts.

Fall Detection.

Apple Watch Series 9 can detect that you’ve taken a hard fall and connect you with emergency services if you’re immobile. And it’s optimised when you are using the Workout app.

Emergency SOS.

When you make a call with Emergency SOS, your Apple Watch calls local emergency services and shares your location. Get help by pressing and holding the side button.

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